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Located in the Axarquía of Malaga, our factory and our team work to offer an exquisite product and the best quality.

The business model BIOTRAP has always been based on manufacturing their products to the highest quality standard and, healthy eating at the best price, including its company policy of buying local producers of organic fruit.

Its proximity to the harvesting areas means that it can count on the freshness and optimal ripening point of the fruit used in its manufacturing, offering the customer a differentiation from its competitors, and at the same time generating a higher income from sales to the local agricultural sector. This fact means that the logo of the promotional brand “Sabor a Málaga” created and disseminated by the Malaga Provincial Council, can be seen on the BIOTRAP packaging.

We make a 100% natural food, we carefully select the ingredients, we do not use preservatives or dyes in the manufacturing process, and are totally artesan.

This combination of parameters makes our artisan ice creams an experience, a luxury for the palate.

Our quality department establishes the necessary controls to comply with the safety and quality requirements requested and established in accordance with the provisions of the current law in this regard. It is an essential element to guarantee the optimal state of the ice creams that reach our consumers.

All processed batches have the approval of our responsible department.

Sensory evaluation plays an important role in our manufacturing process aspects such as flavor, texture, consistency, as well as compliance with the highest quality standards are evaluated.

      calidad Biotrap
      fabricación artesanal

On a daily basis inspections, analysis and actions are carried out that are applied for said control, and the general conditions of the flavor that is being controlled are established, through the analysis of the sample.

We know that the interior is what matters and also our greatest success, but we are aware that our packaging design fulfill functions of great importance: in addition to containing food, it protects from chemical and physical deterioration, and provides a practical means of informing consumers about content, a tool that facilitates safe consumption.

Control de calidad
Envasado artesanal

The artisan packaging carried out by highly qualified personnel is another fundamental part of our control process, which is why it is reviewed and treated with the same importance as the quality of our ice cream.

Our packaging, in addition to being attractive, has all the detailed information regarding acquired product certifications

Since its inception and up to the present, the production carry out by BIOTRAP is artisan, basically with manual procedures, in its workshop workshop with traditional ice cream machinery. The ice creams are made with an oat drink base made in the company's own workshop. From a mixture of water and oatmeal, fresh oat drink is obtained for daily manufacture.

We are aware that Well-being, Health and Quality of life are the challenges that food in general must respond to in the coming years, therefore we work daily to continue offering a top quality and competitive product giving the best of the market at the best price.

Focused on offering a quality product suitable for all consumers, also covering a wide spectrum of food intolerances all of our production is vegan, GLUTEN FREE and LACTOSE FREE.


La Axarquía is located in the easternmost part of the Province of Malaga.

The climate enjoyed in the region is Mediterranean, reaching an average temperature of approximately 17ºC. This component is a fundamental element of the agronomic and landscape interest of the area, as well as a basic source of its resources.

One of the main values that differentiates our ice creams and sorbets from other brands is the flexibility in our productions, manufacturing to the demand of each client and each time of the year.

This has allowed us to collaborate with large supermarket chains, creating exclusive flavors upon express request, always under pre-established quality parameters.

In summary, it is the agricultural and environmental component (climatic, landscape, orographic, etc.) that sets the standard for the resources available to the area and its potential, on this basis add the development of tourist-type activities add is feasible add residential, leisure, sports, agri-food, service companies, commercial, ecological, agricultural, etc.