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Organic product certified by CAAE: It is the certification body specialized in organic production that certifies more hectares in Europe. Pioneers in the certification of organic production and in the creation of standards for the development of the agricultural sector, based on respect for natural cycles, maintenance of biodiversity, obtaining agricultural products without the use of synthetic chemicals or GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms).

GLUTEN-FREE: Levels less than 20 ppm in final product, complying with Regulation 1169/2011. Endorsed by control analysis in a laboratory accredited in the UNE 17025 standard.

LACTOSE-FREE: Lactose <0,01g/100g of product, complying with levels agreed by AECOSAN for the use of the term “lactose -free” (Spanish Agency for Consumer Affairs, Food Safety and Nutrition).

The V-Label is an internationally recognized symbol for the labeling of vegan and vegetarian products. Our 100% certified vegetable ice creams and sorbets.

Product certified by IFS FOOD: BIOTRAP is aware that the markets, both national and international, are increasingly strict, and that sanitary regulations require producers and exporters to have higher levels of hygienic sanitary quality of the facilities, processes and products. For all these reasons, the company has been certified in a Food Safety and Quality Management System based on the IFS FOOD protocol.

All these certifications, together with the very high level of quality and excellence offered in its products, in addition to the continuous evaluation of he needs and expectations of customers, as well as the large number of food intolerances present in today's society, has allowed BIOTRAP opening to large markets.

certificado diputación de Málaga

“Sabor a Málaga” is a promotional brand that belongs to the Malaga Provincial Council, a transport to show the value of the quality agri-food sector in the province. The brand contributes to boosting the local economy and creating jobs in the agri-food sector in Malaga